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Sticker Pack + Smell-Proof Bag
Sticker Pack + Smell-Proof Bag

Sticker Pack + Smell-Proof Bag

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Slap our custom-made, high-quality stickers on everything! Perfect for laptops,  phones, notebooks, coffee mugs or your best friends forehead. All included in a iridescent smell-proof bag. What you'll do with the bag after you take the stickers out, that's on you...

  • Contains 8 stickers based on fan-favorite WeedFeed art and shows, including "Cannimals" and new series "Indie x Tiva"
  • Instead of wasteful throw away packaging, these stickers come in a holographic Smell Proof bag which can be re-purposed to store your terpiest flower. Is terpiest a word? Well it should be. 
  • A variety of styles and shapes, including, premium die cut & holographic prints
  • Designs that vary from wild to mild, with some more subtle designs that only true cannabis lovers will recognize
  • Collect them all — more Sticker Packs to come!